BBQ Rack Collection – Half plate

BBQ Rack Collection – Half plate


Available in 120-90-80-70-60cm diameter

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Product description

Material: Steel 8mm round.

Our half plate and half bar bbq rack allows you to cook a greater variety of vegetables and meats. Rack: The half moon bbq rack allows you to keep the fire burning while you cook over the hot embers. If you need more heat all you have to do is rake some extra embers over.(Please see accessories section for the perfect rake for the job).

Delivery:  £25 Uk Mainland. This charge will be recalculated at end if part of multiple purchase, please call us if you have a query on 01873 840029

Maintenance: Remember after cleaning your bbq rack to rub it with cooking oil.

BBQ Rack 120cms: Diameter 120cms x Depth 60cms

BBQ Rack 90cms: Diameter 90cms x Depth 45cms

BBQ Rack 83cmsDiameter  80cms x Depth 40cms

BBQ Rack 70cms: Diameter 70cms x Depth 35cms

BBQ Rack 60cms: Diameter 60cms x Depth 30cms


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